Saks Nyc Inventory:

  1. Here's what I remember:

    Vintage Line: black tote, small black bag, large black tote, large brown suede tote, & the square vintage in black

    Mademoiselle: the fall LARGE black tote, LARGE black camera bag, chocolate suede: LARGE tote, camera bag (2 sizes), black flap bag

    Luxe Line: fall metallic bowler, spring metallic bowler, flat black flap bag, black shopper, red shopper, & large metallic black shopper

    Grande Shopper: distressed brown leather, black caviar (don't remember the hardware color)

    Petit Shopper: black (don't recall hardware) & red distressed (GORGEOUS)

    Diamond Stitch Grained Calfskin: small tote brown, hobo: blue & brown, classic flap: blue & brown, small flap: brown

    East/West: red lambskin, coral lambskin, brown, black caviar

    satin tiny quilt clutches in 3 colors (maybe blue, green, and black - NOT SURE ABOUT COLORS)

    The black lambskin evening back that swanky posted in white (very cool chain) - it is TDF

    They have some special snake bags

    2.55: 225 reissue in burgundy & black (silver hardware)

    They have some shearling bags

    The have a TON of cambon - mostly reporters (both sizes, one tote, 2 pochettes, 2 belts, and I'm not sure what else (most colors were tan or black - there was one pink) I really didn't take notice of the colors.
  2. wow, great memory!!!!!!!
  3. Who is the best SA to order from at Saks? I need one of those bags that my SA at Chanel can't find. Anyone have a recommendation?
  4. OMG! Your memory is crazy! LOL!

    They have a TON of stock!
  5. Alexandria is the best - DO NOT USE PAULINA!!

    I have a photographic memory... I didn't really pay attention, or I would have remembered more - I was in there w/ customer service about my issues last week!!
  6. Do you by chance remember what color the cambon tote was?
  7. black
  8. anyone get anything???
  9. Perfect time to presale for Thursday's GC event... wish I had more money at the moment!
  10. Are any of the cambons on any kind of discount?? I really want a large tote!