Saks NY Jimmy Choo Sale Bags

  1. In case anyone is interested Saks NY has a Jimmy Choo Alex in Navy on sale for $740. Timothy is the SA I talked to. He also has a Raffino in Nude but I'm not familiar with that bag or the spelling!
  2. Thanks starbuxxx. I love it when we share sales;)
  3. I have the Ruffina style in chocolate brown and it is beautiful!! I have gotten tons of compliments on it. It's a large bag similar to the ramona and radiant. I'm not sure how to post photos but I know it's on the JC website. It was marked down at Nordstroms in Dec. not sure what it looks like in nude??
  4. Here is a picture of the Rufina. robynbenz posted it back in October. It's like a deep Radiant.

  5. That's a pretty cool style. If the color is NUDE, does it imply BIKER LEATHER:nuts::drool::wtf:?? Hope someone got it!!

    BTW, there is a NAVY Biker Leather Ramona available for presale now through NM... So many pretty blue bags there, good thing I'm not in the market for a blue bag :nogood: at the MOMENT!!!
  6. Is it biker leather or drummed leather? I saw at the they have the navy drummed leather.

    If it is biker leather, it would be interesting.
  7. [​IMG]

    It 'says' Biker leather, but yeah, it looks a little drummed to me too...
  8. I am just so not a fan of this leather...I guess because I do love the biker leather so much more. :heart:

    I'm sure there are a lot of Choo girls who will loooove this leather though, especially after seeing it IRL! I do like the navy blue....wish it were in some other leather....or suede! Because navy blue suede is dark enough that I wouldn't worry about it showing dirt. :tup:
  9. Pet peeve alert! NM describes this bag as: Ramona Biker Leather Ring Bag. Whaaaaa? :wtf: Can't they call these things by their proper name? How hard would that be? I don't like to see these mistakes, because they really mislead the customers.
  10. Starbuxx, do you know what price the Ruffina was selling for? It is a pretty cool looking bag.:yes:
  11. I wasn't familiar with this bag so I didn't ask the price. It's got to be at least 60% off of the original price. I don't know if Timothy is working today but give him a call. He told me loves tracking down bags!
  12. I bought the Rufina in brown back in Sept. at Nordstroms. It was $1595.00. It went markdown to 40% off in Dec. but I know all the brown had sold out. My girlfriend had Nordstroms do and item locater and they were gone. Mine is in the calf leather. I have never seen it in the nude color, could be interesting. I would order it, you can always send it back?
  13. I know.. there was one time - one department store described a Ramona - "Jimmy Choo Ramona Belted Ring bag" :push:
  14. And I do think the Biker looks a lot more refined of a leather - for the price tag that comes with it too.
  15. Thanks for the PLUG...Our next sale is not until June. Great Bag.:tup: