saks now charge taxes for out of state purchase?

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  1. anyone to disprove this?

    I always buy from saks over NM or LV stores for all my designer bags items..

    Just yesterday I purchased items and have never asked for my total bill. Well I checked my bank statement to see there is about a 5% difference to what I was expecting.

    Called saks and was told that effective jan 31, saks will now charge shipping PLUS taxes for ALL phone in orders.
  2. :wtf::wtf: didn't know that. that sux
  3. Yep, it happened with the price increase. People mentioned it in the price increase thread and some other places too
  4. Yes,there are MANY threads on this topic if u utilize the search feature!
  5. yep as of 2/1/10... really sucks
  6. yes and i agree it sucks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.