saks now charge taxes effective Jan 31?

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  1. I MEANT TAXES and not Shipping! Sorry!

    I was charged 4.xx% for my purchase! My SA knew I only buy from saks for this reason.. or otherwise, I would just buy from LV store or
    Granted that the closest one is 3 hours away.. but I would still be able to return it to the store that is within a driving distance from me..

    anyone has the same experience about being charged tax?
  2. I edited the thread title for you :smile:
  3. Yep!!! It totally sucks... There are tons of threads about this subject.
  4. I have a Saks in town and whenever I have ordered on I have been charged a 4.xx% sales tax. If I go into the store and shop it is 8.75% tax. Whereas it is tax free when I shop from NM, BG, Bloomies or Nordstrom since we do not have one of those stores here.
  5. So NM, BG, Bloomingdales and Nordstroms doesn't charge Sales Taxes on Louis Vuitton goods if none of those stores are present in your state?
  6. As far as I know, that's the usual procedure. No brick and mortar store no sales tax. That my change soon though. States want a slice of the cyber economy pie. Especially now.
  7. I had a charge send done without tax, but at the same time I had it shipped to another country.
  8. NM charges 4% even if there's no store in your state. I order from Scottsdale and have to pay it even though there's not one here in Louisiana.
  9. :nono:
    This must be a mistake by NM. A business must have a presence and be registered to collect sales tax in a state to charge customers for it.
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    It's not state tax. It's the city of Scottsdale sales tax. I just spoke to my SA and she said the Scottsdale store is the only one that does this. I was mistaken and thought it was all NM.