Saks Notice of SaksRewards Program Termination

  1. I just received my annual points balance from Saks along with a small note. Starting January 1st, 2008 they are discontinuing the rewards program!!! I cannot believe it! I mean, what is the purpose of a Saks credit card that doesn't earn points. I always looked forward to my mid-year gift card and the end of year gift card.

    That was also one of the MAIN reasons that I shopped there.... for the bonuses. I think I will now be frequenting other stores and boutiques more often.

    Anyone else have thoughts or feelings on this?
    :tdown: OR :tup:
  2. Well that sucks! I dont have a Saks card and I dont know much about their rewards program but it sounded like a great idea that would have buyers buying more because of the bonuses and incentives. I do use lucky mag rewards, and if they discontinued their program, I'd be pretty irked myself!
  4. Totally shocked too! I received a notice to spend my bonus card by Jan. 31 but there was no mention of discontinuing the program. Maybe it will be on my statement?

    I think they're trying to push their Saks Mastercard? I, for one, don't see the point of keeping the card without the bonus..just my $.02
  5. I just applied and got my card too! Wow. That stinks.
  6. Well, after further review - this might only be the saks rewards for my Amex card... I'll have to double check. I'll make a phone call on Monday and let you all know!
  7. Shoot!?!?!? Does that mean we won't get the gift card for what we've spent in 2007?!?!?!?!?
  8. Please tell me this doesn't apply to Saks MasterCard holders....please please please (could it be just for Saks rewards for AMEX?). That's the whole reason that I opened their card to begin with and the main reason I shop there so often.....coz of all the rewards, in-store Triple Points, Double Points events. I redeemed my points twice earlier in the year and truly felt their rewards program (plus all the EGC events) is far superior to NM/BG's InCircle system. Haven't gotten any notice in the mail so far about the rewards program being discontinued. Seriously I'd be shocked & appalled if they are discontinuing rewards program for in-store purchases -- for Saks MasterCard holders. They are always trying to compete with NM/BG (moving up sale dates and bonus points events to match NM/BG, etc.), and axing this program in its entirety IMO would not benefit their business in any way.
  9. OK, I called in and it IS ONLY FOR THE AMEX card holders. The rewards program for the Saks credit card holders is called SaksFirst, where as the Amex card program was called SaksRewards.

    :yahoo: we can all still shop and earn points with our Saks cards! Their point system is by far the most superior. Sometimes I wonder how they can make money at all with how much they give away!

    To the AMEX card holders - you will get a gift card by February 2008 with your rewards.

    Sorry if I scared anyone!
  10. ^^ That's definitely a relief! Thanks for keeping us updated. :smile:
  11. i havent ever heard of the amex saks card. is it better than the saksfirst via saks mastercard?
  12. thank you for the info !! what a relief !!!!
  13. oh thank god, that threw me for a loop, I just started my Saks Mastercard in July and I already have a lot of points on it
  14. nearly had a heart attack....

    such scary things should not be uttered....

    esp. now , during the holidays.
  15. Would someone please point out for me what is the big "reward" of having a Saks card? From what I can see, if you spend $5000 and that gets you 10,000 points, you are getting a $100 reward, that's like 2% on $5000, not much in my view. Thanks!