Saks... NO Sales Tax today?

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  1. Hi all...

    I don't mean to start-up a frenzy if this is true or not... but I just checked out on Saks and I DID NOT get charged tax as I always do.

    Did anyone experience this today? Or is it just a glitch in my account?

    I'm trying to figure out if I should go back and buy more!! :nuts:

    Thanks in advance...:flowers:
  2. They must have caught it, as I just get babble when I try and check out!

  3. Thanks Chicbags!!

    You know I put $8,000 grand in my cart to checkout... and STILL no tax!!

    Thinking about buying that gauffre I've wanted!! heh heh... :sweatdrop:

    Shall I take orders? :graucho:
  4. lol. lucky you! another way of not having to pay tax is ordering it from the Saks in NYC (assuming, you are out of state)
  5. saks is having a good sale too???
  6. The sale is good only if you find what you like!! Lol...

    I happened to have a leather jacket in my cart that I already bought for like $700 bucks... and have not worn yet - it's on sale for like $400 today...

    so I bought it again!! then I'll return the $700 dollar one - which is almost $800 w/tax!

    So now I basically got it for 1/2 price... I'd say that's a good sale! :tup:

    There's some cute stuff... but the sizes are running out. No good bags as far as I'm concerned... NM has all the goodies there!!! Have fun..

    and PS.. the no tax thing is still happening in my cart -- TRY IT!!!

    you don't have to hit CONFIRM... just checkout to the next b4 last step.
  7. Have you tried checking out yet?
    I can't get anything further than signing in, then it goes all weird
  8. Thanks for the tip...
  9. Hi Chicbags..

    Yah, I checked out and got an order confirm & all... twice as a matter of fact, and both times I checked out no tax!

    I did try that 10% code posted,and it did not work... so I checked out naked! but I didn't get charged tax!!

    try it... just keep trying diff options in the checkout - i have 2 ccs listed and both worked.. but I've had saks website go batty on me when I've tried to checkout in the past.. and I just keep persisting, and re-checking out and it eventually goes through.
  10. See how does it show on your next bill then. Usually they charged the real sales tax until the end. I mean it might not show up when you check out but will show up in your credit card bill later.
  11. I was thinking the same thing!! So I guess we'll see when I get my package delivered next week. :yes:
  12. this happened to me once before. i ordered a catherine malandrino top and wasn't charged any sales tax. i don't know what happened. maybe it was an error? i usually always pay sales tax on purchases from
  13. Yah, I usually pay sales tax as well. My leather got delivered... and still NO SALES TAX!!! I love it! :yes:
  14. Lucky lucky gal;)
  15. That's so weird ... I ordered a suit around that same time from, and wasn't charged sales tax either. I used the free shipping code as well. And, I usually pay tax on merchandise from as well. Every little bit helps!