SAks next EGC

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  1. anybody know when saks next spend some get some event is? there's a bunch of stuff i'm dying to get but i'd rather wait if there's another one coming up anytime in the near future.....any ladies have any ideas? :yes:
  2. the EGC event is held at least once every two months<---what my SA told me
  3. The next Saksevent is doublepoints on Jan.27. Don't know when the next spend some get some event is. They should do it againonce the spring lines all come in,but before there areany sales on them.
  4. They just had one last Thurs. So it will be awhile for the next.
  5. the last one was January 11th. The one before that was December 14th 06. Hopefully the next one will be in February.
  6. I heard the next 2x points is on the 25th...that may be internet only though first or something.
  7. Does anyone know when Saks will next have its ECG? I just missed the one this month!

  8. I'm wondering too!
  9. My SA said it will be next Thursday.
  10. Sorry she said double points is next Thursday. I'm not sure about ECG
  11. My Saks SA told me that the next one is in mid-February!
  12. I was also told the next EGC will be mid Feb. but starting on the 27th online you can spend $100 and get $25 off and double points with a promo code and its in store on the 29-31st.
  13. The $25 off $100 is only for a beauty purchase. And you might need the postcard with the barcode to apply it in store.
  14. One of SA said yesterday, there are no EGC applies to bag from now on in saks......

    I think this decision will turn down lots of buyers.....

    any one heard anything?
  15. sadly it's been confirmed, since many boutique's sales dropped due to Saks EGC, there will be no more EGC for Chanel, Gucci, Prada :crybaby: