Saks New Orleans Stock on 9/14.

  1. I was at Saks today and here is what I remember seeing:
    caramel RH day
    french blue RH city
    Tomato RH city
    Ivory RH city
    Brown maybe tabac? RH step!!!
    Black SGH parttime
    Black GGH city
    Rouge vermillion GGH city
    Dk blue twiggy either blueberry or marine
  2. Thanks for posting!:tup:

    Wow, they have a FB City!!! Wasn't someone looking for that recently??
  3. Do you remember what the leather was like on the Black SGH PT?
  4. Not veiny, pretty smooth only slight distressing. I prefer very distressed, but the combo was pretty and it wasn't dry.
  5. I'm like you Kitten and LOVE distressed bags so i will have to pass!
  6. How about the leather on the tomato city with RH?
  7. i just placed my order for the french blue~~Cant wait to see it
  8. The tomato has fabulous leather!! It was perfect, distressed and smooshy!
    The french blue has great leather too, but has a small scratch on the back, it might could be buffed out, either way it isn't noticeable.
  9. REAllie????!!!?!?! since it is already on its way guess I will have to wait and see.......
  10. I called today to order it and the SA said they only had one RH in the back so they must have sold the one you were talking about. :sad:

    She did have another one in the back which she described as 'veiny' but when I discussed what veiny meant (white lines) she said the veins weren't white so I am hoping it is more smooshy but I just had to take a gamble and order it. I used the word distressed and she agreed. I can always return it to the Saks here if I don't like it. I am getting more picky about the leather I will buy on these bags.

    She was really nice and said they didn't know anything at all about B-bags until the new store was built after Katrina and started carrying them. She said they are really trying to learn all about them and that they learn from us and that the B-bag customers are the most educated people of all. :graucho:
  11. They have RH bags displayed, I was just there. But it was on the back shelf, so maybe that is what she meant. If it is the one I saw, which I think she said was the last tomato, then its very distressed not veiny and very smooshy. It was perfect, no imperfections noticed. Let me know when you get it! Congrats!
  12. That's odd because first she said she had two, one on display and one in the back. I asked her to describe the leather on both and she said the one in back was nicer because it wasn't on display being touched by everyone. When she defined 'veiny' as lines but not white ones, I knew we were going to have problems so I asked her to send both and she later called back and told me that she only had one and that the one on display was GH, not regular. ????
  13. By the way, KL, thanks for all of your help!!
  14. They had a GGH vermillion on display thats been there forever. They had one(according to the SA) tomato RH city and it was in the back, she went and got it for me. I then decided to get the GGH black brief instead. So she put the tomato on the back display and it was still right there last time I went. Your welcome, I hope it turns out ok for you!;)
  15. I will let you know!