Saks New Orleans Stock as of 10/2/07.

  1. I just left Saks in New Orleans and here's what I remember seeing:
    GGH Violet part time (Very Pretty!)
    GGH vert fonce part time
    GGH vermillion city
    GSH ivory hobo
    GGH black city (heavy distressing)

    Tomato step ( pretty leather although more matte than usual)
    Tomato first
    Tabac step
    black RH city (at least 2 displayed with nice distressed leather)
    ivory RH city
    I believe marine or blueberry twiggy (dark blue)
    A big cement bag maybe brief, didn't check it out

    Anyway, ask for Tirsa 504-524-2200
  2. ^^^ Thanks Kittens! That's great info! :yes:
  3. Thanks kittens! You didn't by chance see any vert gazon???
  4. I'm pretty positive that they didn't have any vert gazon. I know you've been craving a vert gazon bag though. :sad:
  5. thanks so much..i'm planing my next purchase at Saks on the EGC event day..
  6. did u see any coin purses? Thanks.
  7. I didn't notice what accessories they had, but there were about 6 wallets displayed. I do remember a large tomato wallet. I did notice, there was no jaune at all in the selection of bags or accessories.
  8. duuuhhh What is EGC?
  9. EGC=Electronic gift card event. you get a gift card when you spend certain amount on that day.
  10. There were some Vert Gazon bags (3 or 4) at Susan in Burlingame, CA when I was there last week. If you search for the thread about Susan, there should be more details on which ones (can't remember anymore) and the store info.