Saks new account 10% discount works with charge send?


Oct 15, 2006
I am looking to get a classic lambskin flap in m/l or jumbo and hoping to take advantage of the Saks 10% off new account holder. :P

The Saks in my state does not sell Chanel bags and I would likely be doing a charge send from another state.

Does the 10% off still work when doing a charge send from another state?
Can I apply for the card at my local Saks and have the discount applied to the purchase from another Saks?

Does anyone know of any good Saks location to be on the waiting list or for charge send?

Thanks very much for your help! :biggrin:


Dec 27, 2009
Very interesting question. I think that you can only apply and take advantage of the 10% off incentive in-store... Can anyone correct me if I'm wrong?


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Jun 18, 2008
perhaps you can open the card at the local store in-person, then have your SA call the store you wish to order from and put the phone order in for you right on the spot?

i think that would be the only plausable way it could work.

you do get 10% off the day you open it, but how would the store you are phoning know you JUST opened it that day, unless a local SA was telling them on your behalf (ie the phone order in-store)


Feb 18, 2009
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I just chatted to a customer service rep via live chat. The rep on the other end has some typos, but here it is:

10:48:06 System Danderia W.-Saks has joined this session!
10:48:06 System Connected with Danderia W.-Saks
10:48:06 System Your Session ID: 791385
10:48:11 Danderia W.-Saks Welcome to! My name is Danderia W.-Saks. How may I assist you today?
10:49:03 Melissa hi, i was wondering that if i sign up for the saks credit card and get the 10% can i use that while ordering via phone and ship it to my friend to another state? or do i have to order it in the store?
10:49:21 Danderia W.-Saks Thank you for your inquiry. I would be more than happy to assist.
10:49:49 Melissa i ask because there are certain bags that are available in other states that might not be available in mine
10:50:16 Danderia W.-Saks 10% is applied to your first day purchases on your bill. It may be applied to or store orders.
10:50:26 Danderia W.-Saks *
10:50:49 Melissa can it be applied when i order over the phone or do i have to be present at the store?
10:51:26 Danderia W.-Saks IT is an purchase made with Saks Fifth avenue the first day. it is represented on the bill not the day you purchase.
10:52:08 Melissa i know
10:52:23 Danderia W.-Saks I meant it is any purchase made.
10:52:25 Melissa but do i have to be in the store or can i order my item over the phone
10:52:33 Melissa for this to apply
10:53:11 Danderia W.-Saks It is any purchase made the first day. it doe not matter hoe it is made due to the discount being on the bill.
10:53:21 Danderia W.-Saks I meant it doe not matter how
10:53:26 Danderia W.-Saks I apologize.
10:53:50 Melissa okay. thank you for letting me know
10:54:06 Danderia W.-Saks It has been my pleasure.
10:54:06 Danderia W.-Saks Can I be of any further assistance to you today?
10:54:22 Melissa i am good for now. thanks
10:54:31 Danderia W.-Saks It has been a pleasure serving you today and we hope you visit us again soon!
10:54:31 System Danderia W.-Saks has left this session!
10:54:31 System The session has ended!

So yes you can.
Apr 12, 2016
Resurrecting an old post.

Say that your credit limit is $2000 but the item you want to purchase is $5300. So you need to charge the difference on another card.

Will you receive 10% off the amount charged on your Saks card, or on the full amount? Thanks!


Jan 12, 2018
Do you know if you can use the 10% discount for Chanel? What about triple points for Chanel? I am hearing different things from everyone & I don’t have a Saks that carries Chanel near me.