Saks & Neiman's - Prices

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  1. The same Gucci handbag sells for 1840.00 at Saks, and 1750.00 at Neiman's. I thought that Saks and Neiman's made sure their prices lined up. I'm on the hunt for a white Chanel bag for summer, so now I'll make sure I check both stores. :p
  2. That's odd. I thought gucci had a set price. What style was it?
  3. I wonder if the reason for that is because Gucci just raised their prices recently and maybe NM did not change it to the new price. That is the only thing that makes sense. Since they should be the same price.
  4. Yes, I think it is as beljwl said. I have seen it happen before. After a price increase, department stores can choose to continue to sell it at the old price until it sells out.
  5. Wow good to know. I just bought a gucci right before they raised their prices so I lucked out. Next time I'll make sure to check the dept. stores too!
  6. Neiman's is a little bit lazy about changing over prices, and yes, gucci just did raise prices...i bought a bag about a month ago from Neiman's and the price tag in the bag was $20 dollars less than what the bag rang up for...luckily Neiman's will do ANYTHING to keep a good customer, so the obviously gave me the lower price, but that is probably why there is a difference. :smile: