Saks & Neiman's - Prices

  1. The same Gucci handbag sells for 1840.00 at Saks, and 1750.00 at Neiman's. I thought that Saks and Neiman's made sure their prices lined up. I'm on the hunt for a white Chanel bag for summer, so now I'll make sure I check both stores. :p
  2. I believe Gucci recently had a price increase. Neimans hasn't increased the prices on their Gucci bags... YET. I noticed the same thing over the weekend. A Gucci bag that I'm interested in is $1,656 on and in Saks Gucci boutique... but it's the original price of $1,565 on

    Shhhhhhhhhhh.... don't inform NM... get what you can while you can (smile)....
  3. Huh. I thought their prices were pre-set by the vendor so they had to be the same. :shrugs:
  4. I know that Bergdorff's and Neiman's usually keep the same prices...but yeah...I thought they all had a pre-set retail price...

    Here's to learning something new every day! Thanks Michele!