Saks, Neiman, Bergdorf or Nordstroms?!?!?

  1. How come none of these department stores sell chanel on their websites? It would make life a lot easier.
  2. no chanel online
  3. They won't let them ( Chanel won't ) .
  4. You can buy Chanel through the catalog online with NM. If you see a Chanel bag in their monthly catalog, you can go online and enter the catalog source code and the page and viola.....order the bag. I hate that Chanel does not sell online. They did have a survey online not long ago that asked if you would purchase bags online and I of course checked "yes".
  5. Nordstrom only sells Chanel in Seattle- they'd sell more online then at the store! Of course you can still get the beauty products online.
  6. You just can't buy Chanel online (other than makeup), they haven't opened up that option as far as I'm aware, it's only been since Eluxury that you could buy LV on line.....and LV produces more bags so they can do that....
  7. True..if these stores are authorised to sell Chanel...then I strongly advocate them to sell online too..
  8. I can't imagine them selling them online personally, each store only receives a few of each bag they order, or even only one sometimes. These stores would have to order extra to sit in warehouses waiting to be purchased online. I know NM has different merchandise online than in teh store because their inventory/stock is different.
    It's a double edged sword. . . on one hand I'm glad Chanel is not so plentiful that they can offer it online, on the other hand it would be nice and convenient to surf the net, see one you like and buy it.
    There would be a LOT of returns that way though, pics are so very deceiving when trying to choose a purse.

  9. How true! I ordered a Chanel bag online through NM's catalog online and when it came it did not look much like I thought it would based on the pictures. You are so right!
  10. it happens to all of us in here. We post photos of the new bags and we all gush and ooh and ahh. . . then we go try them on. We end up hating the one we thought we'd buy and loving the one we liked in photos the least! LOL!
  11. Yea, the funny thing about chanel handbags is that they always look so different IRL and on pics!!! Sometime they look ugly in pictures but stunning IRL (like my start-stitched flap bag), sometime it's vice versa. I think that's because chanel bags often have very unique texture (and the texture also effect how the color looks, maybe under certain lighting) on their bags leather and you just can't capture that texture and the true color on photos!
  12. ^^ so true..

  13. So true....I saw the diamond shine in person and the pictures really don't capture the true beauty and depth of the finish of the bag.
  14. and chanel doesn’t allow every location of a retailer to sell bags. we have 3 Neimans where i live but only 2 are allowed by chanel to sell bags. ??? so stupid. and none of the Nordstroms stores sells them here.
  15. ^yes.
    In the Dallas/Ft.Worth area we have 4 NM's, only 2 can carry handbags unless soemone returns one there.
    It's all about exclusivity, which makes me quite happy! LOL!