Saks "Mystery Money"

  1. I received a card in the mail today from Saks that is called "Mystery Money". The card states to bring it in between the 13th-16th and has a value of between $20-$1000. When you make a purchase you are told at the time what the worth of your card is. It appears to be valid at Saks Fifth Ave. & OFF 5TH as well. I do not see anywhere that states there is a minimum purchase required.

    Has anyone else received this yet?:smile:
  2. Wow that is really cool !
  3. not this, but i got a $25 gift card in the mail yesterday for use only in the Chicago Saks store....
  4. i've received one before. i also called customer service and had them look up my gift card amount. i wasn't going to the store for a crappy $15.
  5. I got one a few years back that ended up being $100.
  6. Good luck hope you get a nice amount.
  7. I received this card this past summer and the amount came out to be $75. It's worth trying out. Good luck!
  8. I didn't get this but I hope I get one soon!
  9. i got a $25 off $100 purchase if you use mastercard. bleh.
  10. This is not a gift card. I received a gift card from Saks a few months back as well. Those were all a stated $25.00. This is a card you can't call and find out the amount. It is between $20.00-$1000 and I believe only when you go to buy something can you know the amount. Wish I could know before, then I would know if I should go for Gucci or an eyeshadow!:lol:
  11. I got one this summer for $20. Hope to get again. I will check my mail tomorrow :biggrin:
  12. Actually it was the Mystery Money card, there was not an amount stated on the card. Some people had more luck than others when calling CC and finding out their card amount. The CC agents can look up the amount if you provide them with the number on the back.
  13. Ooh I hope I get one!
  14. oh what fun!! do you guys have saks cards or are you just on the customer list?
  15. Really? I would love to do this, as getting out to do some shopping by myself takes some serious forethought and planning. I wouldn't dump the kids and drive all the way to Off 5th for a measly $20! Did you just call the main customer service # listed on the website?