Saks messed up again

  1. Dear TPFers,

    I can't believe this! I ordered my bow satchel from the Saks store in Connecticut and even paid for overnight shipping ($25).

    The bag is supposed to arrive today but I saw found out that Saks messed up on my address. Now I don't even know where the package is despite calls to Fedex.

    I tried calling Saks and was placed on hold while I was constantly transferred to the wrong department. That's just to get the tracking number.

    Worse, SAKS didn't even require signature confirmation so Fedex asked if it was okay to just drop it outside the building! Where it could be stolen!

    I'm just so tired now. All I want is my bag. :sad:

    I really don't want to deal with the SA again. Should I call the main customer service and complain? I don't want to let this go seeing that this could happen to other TPFers.

  2. Wow linpaddy... not good. :tdown: I can't believe they screwed up so badly on this one. I would call the SA again and ask to speak to her supervisor if she can't help you. Obviously you're not getting the bag... and the charge is going to be on your card, so someone's got to rectify the situation for you. Unless of course, FedEx figures out the address is incorrect and is able to stop delivery of the bag.

    Hope you get things worked out. Sorry to hear this.
  3. I would seriously speak to the supervisor!! That's ridiculous!!! At least find the tracking number so you can have fedex stop that shipment!!
    Which color are you ordering by the way?
  4. Sigh, I ordered the blush pink.

    I called Fedex again but they had no idea where the bag when. They blame Saks although they should be still be responsible for their packages.

    I'll need to call Saks store again. I called the main Saks hotline and they apologized. However, they can't do anything about another store's mistakes.

    If I can't find the purse tomorrow, I'm calling my credit card company to cancel the order.

    Maybe I'll go to Barneys and reconsider the beige or black since they are out of the blush.

    I feel so depressed. My first bow satchel and I couldn't even get it.

    Thanks to all your kind words and encouragement.
  5. They screwed up on my order also. Fortunately I was able to catch it within 5 minutes of FEDEX leaving the package at the door and called immediately for them to pickup and hold it. I called SAKS also and they told me that they don't do "signature required" unless customer requests it. DUMB !!!!
  6. Sorry it happened , You're not alone -I've had trouble in the past too
  7. ^agreed! I posted here last week. I usually order from never from Well, I ordered for the first time from and guess what they messed up too! The bag I ordered was two toned and they sent me a one tone one. I knew they messed up their web picture and I got HORRIBLE customer service. They said at first that the two toned one is sold out but then later on they said that it was two toned because of the lighting. YEAH RIGHT! I'm not stupid! Also, I ordered gloves and one of the chain was broken! They only offered me free updgrade on my next purchase. I don't think I will purchase from anymore.

    Sorry for the ramble!
  8. Oh btw, it's not worth it contacting Customer Service. When I contacted them it was like talking to a wall! i can't believe that you had your problem at SAKS store...Man, no wonder their company is practically dwindling down the drain (stock wise anyway). They have no management whatsoever!

    Talking to supervisor is not worth it either b/c the one who told me that it was due to "lighting" was the supervisor!! I'm so sorry it happened to you. It seems that I've been seeing SAKS problems every week on this board!
  9. After a LOT of phone calls to and the Greenwich store (where I placed my phone order), I finally received my shipping refund.

    The customer service at the Greenwich store was terrible. Speaking to the supervisor was virtually useless as she insisted that saks do not give shipping refunds. Even if they did mess up on addresses.

    I finally managed to speak to one of the nicer customer service representatives and she agreed to give me a refund on shipping.

    However, I am extremely disappointed with the service. Although the sale associate was very eager to close the sale, follow up was terrible. Not only did Saks mess up my address which in turn led to my package getting lost, both online and store customer service associates were extremely difficult to deal with. They kept referring me to each other claiming that they cannot be held responsible for the shipping fiasco.

    However, I'm glad that I didn't lose my cool. The old me would have screamed and behaved in an unladylike manner. My mom taught me to be gracious even under pressure although it was very difficult at times.

    From now onwards, I will deal only with my favorite SA at the LA store. If they can't locate an item for me, I'm not going to bother tracking items myself.

    I cannot believe that there is such a vast difference between service at different stores!
  10. ^^I'm glad you got your problem solved! It shouldn't have taken you that long to receive a resolution though. A good customer service would've refund the money to you immediately!
  11. Now that's so wrong.