SAKS may have lost my cloudy bundle

  1. I was going to wait until tomorrow when I know for sure, but I can't wait any longer to vent.

    I had been anxiously looking for the N/S Cloudy Bundle in White (actually looks beige) and thanks to Roey, I was able to locate the bag, which is pretty much impossible to find.

    However, a few weeks after I got it, the leather behind the rivet (the rivet is placed to cover the whole for the drawstring) kept on coming out from under the rivet. I could tuck the leather back behind the rivet with my nails, but it would not stay put for more than a few minutes, and it became annoying.

    So... I took it to Saks to get repaired in late May. It's been two months so I thought I better call because my kids are home and they tend to forget to tell me if someones calls. Saks told me it could be up to three months, but I just had this weird feeling that I better call, and sure enough they cannot find my ticket.

    The women in charge of repairs, called the Chanel repair shop, but the computers were down to see if my ticket number is in the repair shop's system. She promised to call me back tomorrow if she did not hear anything today by the time she left work at 3:30.

    We had spoken a few times on the phone today, and at first she said not to worry until she starts to worry, but later on in the day, she is talking about possibly offering a refund.

    Hopefully, I will hear good news tomorrow, but I don't get that warm and fuzzy feeling:rant:
  2. :wtf:OMG!

    They cannot find your ticket?
    I'm speachless - which trust me, doesn't happen often.
    I hope we're just worried for no reason and we hear better news from you tomorrow.
  3. YIKES..................Id be freakin out if they lost sorry!
  4. oh, my... so sorry to hear that. i hope they find that ticket.
  5. i hope they find that ticket
  6. Thanks everyone. I will keep you all informed. The person in charge of repairs at Saks has been very helpful. I just hope I hear some good news.

    I wonder if for some reason they have to credit my card, if I will get back the monthly interest since it is not fully paid. Ugh, I should not be thinking about this quite yet.
  7. Oh my....I would be totally bent out of shape, to say the least. Gosh, I pray for you that they find it.:sweatdrop:
  8. oh dear. I hope the CB is on its way to you soon.
  9. Oh, I hope they find it. It is such a wonderful bag.
  10. I would be so upset, but u have no choice but to wait till tomorrow. Good luck, hope it turns out that they have it and it is still being repaired.
  11. They couldn't replace the bag with a new one?

    They will find the ticket though. Positive thinking!
  12. Good luck!
  13. Oh dear.....hope they find it, if not they should try and find a new one for you.
  14. Oh no Michele! :sad: I'm so sorry to hear that. I would be livid if Saks lost an impossible to find bag, or any bag for that mattter. Please keep us updated, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.
  15. Probably not, it's almost impossible to find:sad:

    Your right positive thinking!!