SAKS making telemarketing calls?????????

  1. I just got a phone solicitation from Saks right now reminding me of the sale thats going on. WTH!!??? :wtf: Are they hurting for business? DO NOT CALL ME AT HOME WITH THIS CRAP! And it was an actual person, not a recording so I couldn't just hang up....well I guess I could have, but I would have felt bad....

    Adding them to the Do Not Call list right now.....
  2. was it an SA? Sometimes SAs from bloomies & Saks call me about sales, etc. They are probably just going down their customer list.
  3. I've never had that happen and I wouldn't want it to either. I do have a couple of SA's at Bloomingdale's that call me when they know something I've been interested is going to be on a special sale. That's really helpful and I appreciate it, but a random reminder of a sale is another thing.
  4. it wasn't an SA. it was just some random telemarketer. believe me, if it was an SA, I'd make her tell me what was left!
  5. I hate telemarketing! I have all sorts of them these days offering credit cards mainly. One bank even sent me a credit card w/o being asked, wth?