Saks LVs: VIC/Parties

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  1. Do the Saks/Bloomies/Macys LV stores get access to giving out VIC gifts? Do they ever throw parties?
  2. im not sure, but i think it may be only lv, since the people that work at the lv booth are employed by Saks
  3. aww, that sucks, the nearest LV boutique is an 8 hour round trip for me :crybaby: so i am stuck shopping in Saks
  4. I think they do I only shop at saks but im amazed how much power a little lv in saks has...
  5. I'm sure they have access to the VIC gifts but I don't know about parties. I notice that when my store has parties, the people from the Neiman counter come over to help.
  6. I have been to a VIC party at Saks and have received VIC gifts from there as well.