Saks LV vs. Neiman Marcus LV

  1. I know that Saks has LV but does Neiman Marcus have LV in their stores too? How are they like? Are they nicer? I think the ones in Saks here in my area are quite snooty! The ones in Bloomingdales are much nicer, but I have had no experience with the Neiman Marcus ones! Tell me your experiences!
  2. All my Neiman's carry LV, but my Saks doesn't! LOL!
  3. i'm not sure about other Neimans, but my Neimans (Houston) does have an LV in it. However, my Saks doesnt so i can't really compare... but LV my experiences in Neimans are great, the SAs are very nice and do not seem pushy at all.
  4. Neiman's has it but my Saks is DEAD. I really don't even go into Saks at all anymore, it got so boring. Whenever I do, there are virtually no customers.
    Anyway the Saks in South Coast Plaza carries LV. The others around here don't.
    But I notice, the Neiman people are not all that...competent. I went in the other day to get my ipod case and I asked the girl there and she seriously acted like I was insane. This is how the conversation went:
    "Do you have the Etui widescreen ipod case?"
    "The what?"
    "The ipod case...for the widescreen ipod?"
    " want the case for the ipod nano?"

    Ugh. And the other SAs don't call when they're supposed to for certain in February, my mom was on the list for the framboise Houston and the girl didn't call when it DID come in. I was able to go a few doors down to the actual LV store and just buy one outright. And we went in there afterwards and the girl goes, "Oh, I was JUST about to call and tell you they came in!" And they've said they've left messages for things before too, and they obviously never have.
    So I don't know. I like the people at the LV store SO much better. They're nice and helpful..I don't go to the Neimans' one unless I really want something badly (like the Mandarin Jasmin or the Red vernis Biscayne Bay GM I got there.)
  5. A couple of the SA's at that NM used to work at the freestanding LV (before they moved to the bigger store front). I wonder if there's a difference working at a dept. store LV vs. a freestanding LV?
  6. My NM used to carry LV but Marc Jacobs has taken over the space. My LV at Saks is much better, very nice. My LV store is so - so. I think I got the wrong SA. She was pushing too hard for a sale, no personality.
  7. The SAs at Neimans in Houston is super nice. IMO better than the LV store. Only bad thing is that they only take cash, check, amex, and neimans card.
  8. im from houston also. since our Saks does not carry LV, they can do a special order and you save on tax!
  9. I've Have Been To So Many Of Both. I Think It Just Depends On The SA's At A Given Time.

    You Texas Girls ~ I Would Hope You Have LV In Your Neimans (Of Course You Do!)......You're In Neimans Homeland!!! :smile: Lucky Girls!!!! :smile:
  10. I go to Saks in Chicago and my SA is fabulous! The other SAs working were also really really nice (even when I told them I was specifically waiting for my SA - which might offend some). Super helpful even when I told them I was tossed up between a new LV and a Balenciaga (I ended up coming back for the LV).
    I don't actually let myself go into the actual LV store because that is just plain dangerous for me (too much other stuff to buy)!
  11. At least you have, all we have is LV at Saks. The good thing is that the SAs are pretty much nice, and if you are a frequent customer they all get to know you.
  12. Unfortunately we in New York don't have a Neiman's but Saks on Fifth Ave, has an LV shop and it's great.
  13. I bought my first LV from NM in Houston Galleria and my SA was very nice. I Love NM I always get treated well no matter which department.
  14. I only go the the LV at the Saks in Chicago. I always have a good experience there; I can't say the same for when I go to the freestanding store. My SA is extremely friendly and open, answers any questions, and does not push for a sale.
  15. I have one in saks and Neimans. I think the selection is better in the neimans, but I do not like Neimans at all with the exception of the ladies in the makeup dept. So I would rather go to the freestanding LV in Chevy Chase than go to Neimans or have saks order it for me.