Saks Lv Hampstead Mm

  1. Went to Saks in PA today..FELL in love with the MM size(ITS BIG!!!!!!!!!)They didnt even have the GM..Just the 2 smaller ones.The MM is the perfect big bag size.They are ringing it up on Mon....SO Ill post pics when I get it MONDAY!
    LOVES THIS BAG!:yahoo:
    They are closed on Sunday..sniff.....Wish I could get it before then..wahhhhh!:crybaby:
  2. Yay Jill, you saw the MM in person??!! :nuts: Omg, how was it? You said it's big? Like how big is big?
  3. Its pretty big..I cant imagine going bigger..LOL..The GM must be MONSTROUS!
    The MM is BIGGER looking than the BH(WAY WIDER)

    Its really nicely made....
  4. I just handed over my credit card....LOL..It was LOVE at first sight..I really HATE to wait till the release date..SUCKS!
  5. Ya, I only saw the GM in person and it's sooo huge! It can carry a kid in it! :roflmfao:
  6. Wow! Is it bigger than a Noe?

    Congrats, Jill!:flowers:
  7. I can't wait to see your pics:nuts: ,I'm trying to decide between PM and MM. Don't think they are even released here yet though.:sad:
  8. i saw the MM last's REALLY big...but it's good-sized and can hold a ton of things! the only downside for me was the rigid base that stuck out on my sides..

    jill, post pics when u get it! model it for us!
  9. it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy bigger than a noe! :yes:

  10. It does have a rigid base.......But it stayed on my shoulder
  11. Perfect for me the big bag! Valley Fair had all 3, I was down for the GM, but I went to check yesterday! I love it, I hope I have time to go get it on Sunday!
  12. OOH! I saw the MM today also! It's VERY cute!
  13. Ah!! Jill you be my big sister.. I got the PM today..
    Congrats to you..
  14. Congrats Jill- I wish DH let me shop as much as you!
  15. ^HOW did they release it to you??LOL! Im so bummed I have to wait AMAXR!