SAKS LV & Saks CC/Gift Cards

  1. Hi all,

    I hope someone has some experience with this. My SA was telling me about this...but he didn't seem 300% sure about it.
    When you open a Saks card you get 10% off your first purchase....can you use a Saks card at a Saks LV?
    Can you use gift cards at a Saks LV?
    Can you get Saks points at a Saks LV?
  2. nope, the 10% don't apply to LV, so are the points. but you can use saks gift cards @ LV. For sure you can use the Saks card w/Master card logo, but not 100% sure about regular Sak's account card. LV purchases don't qualify for EGC events, and the EGC cards can't be use towards LV. However it all depends on the store and how good you are w/SA. I've managed to use EGC cards at LV once.
  3. Thanks for the info. My SA was the one who mentioned the 10% off to me...and I know he mentioned some stuff about working around the system to do it for customers.
  4. no 10% off, no points. yes you can use saks credit card at saks lv, and yes you can use saks gift cards at saks lv. basically you can use saks credit or gift cards when purchasing at saks lv but you dont get any of the extra perks you usually get for shopping at saks for your lv purchases. oh yea same goes for Neiman Marcus lv
  5. You can use those rewards on it now!! Even though it says no LV on the back of it! Last year on my saksfirst account I earned back $45.00 and I got it last week. My SA said that I can use it and I did to buy some stuff at LV!! =)
  6. Thanks all! oah: That may have been what my SA was talking about (ability to use points).
  7. Really? I am going to put that to the test because I have been eyeing the LV logo cashmere scarf (to wear around my shoulders in bed watching tv when I get cold) that way it will get more use!
  8. Couldn't hurt to try!
  9. BTW, the next Saks EGC event is on Feb. 22, but LV is the only one brand i know of who don't participate in this program.
  10. maybe if you use the saks card to buy a gift card, you could use the gc that you just got at 10%off to buy lv at their full price. (100 gc costs you 90, go to lv with that 100 gc and pow.)
  11. That's good to know. I just got my reward card in the mail last week.
  12. would 10% off even apply to gift card purchases? it's like getting free money, i just don't know about that. most places when they have 10% off of say $100 purchase or more, it won't apply to gift card purchases.
  13. photo: Interesting idea! I think I remember my SA saying that he's had people buy something at 10% off and then return it and get the credit and buy LV...I guess people get creative!
  14. i was told the saks reward gcs were not usable at lv. they said it's the only dept you CAN'T use it in. of course, figures. feh.
  15. this is great info! yay! i can use my saks card!