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May 20, 2007
I just bought a damier neverfull from the LV boutique in my local Saks, but it did not come with a (price) tag or authenticity card. The SA put it in the LV dustbag, box, and bag, and I do have a receipt but I thought it was strange that it did not come with a tag or authenticity card because my mom bought a wallet there, and it came with both. When we called the SA, she said it is a new policy that they do not give tags/authenticity cards so people may not sell the bags online. However, I feel like this bag is an investment so it should come with a proof of purchase. If the SA was lying, I want to return the bag in the 14 day period because it is not used and buy one from a store that will give me an authenticity card, so I was wondering if this was a normal thing or if she was lying. Thank you!
Tags usually come with bags, but if you didn't get it, don't sweat it. It's normal and I think the receipt should suffice as the proof of purchase you're looking for.

Also, LV's don't come with "authenticity" cards. They come with either a barcode with the bag name or a tag that states what materials/leathers the LV is made out of.

There have been numerous threads on this topic- I suggest using the search feature above. :yes:
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