Saks Locator/Warehouse Fulfillment!

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  1. Hello!!

    I was wondering if anyone tried purchasing any Chanel using Saks locator and getting shipped directly from the warehouse. I've been looking EVERYWHERE (literally everywhere, across country, different department stores - boutique didn't buy what I'm looking for this season). One of the Saks SAs I came across (by randomly cold calling) told me that he's seeing 12 inventory in the system at a warehouse and placed an order for me 2 days ago. He texted me this morning telling me that the order is confirmed, my credit card is charged and he's waiting for the tracking number.

    I'm a little skeptical of this confirmed order because
    1. my dear Saks SA (that I've been using forever) has tried to directly contact the warehouse (she knows someone there) and still couldn't get the bag for me - she was able to find different bags for me this way before
    2. if any Saks SA can use the locator service and they have visibility to inventory at the warehouse, why wouldn't every SA use this to fulfill their customer's wants?
    3. I'm on literally 10 different wait lists for this bag at Saks - I'd think that at least one of them would've checked warehouse inventory and used locator by now...

    Before I get too excited and jump up and down for joy, I was wondering if anyone has tried this service and actually received a bag from a warehouse. I'm afraid my order will get cancelled sooner or later - I'm trying to calm down and not be so excited right now! - my life motto is "hope for the best but expect the worst" lol

    Thank you so much in advance and I'll definitely do a reveal if/when i get the bag! (what I'm looking for is nothing fancy or bright/pretty colors this season - just a very popular bag this season for some reason...)
  2. Of course. Maybe it wasn't showing in the inventory yet when your SA checked and who knows if any other stores you are wait listed with even bothered to try the warehouse, a waitlist only applies to what they receive in store. If your order was filled and charged, it should be coming to you. I've had orders on locator that weren't picked up and never once has my card been charged or an SA tell me my order was filled and would get back to me with tracking. I think you should be good.
  3. I've been on their inventory list twice and both times an email canceling the order came through a week later. They never check or contact any store/warehouse directly it seems. They always just put me on a central locator form and then it's up to whoever deals with it. The sa never answered any direct questions regarding it either, he just told me to wait and see and the system will find, but it never did. Unfortunately, I've not had a positive experience with it so far. Good luck to you though, maybe it will work out!
  4. Hi there! My SA at Saks used the locator for me to get a Céline bracelet and it was fine. It should automatically update you via email, too. Let us know if you get any updates!
  5. thank you everyone!! I'm feeling a little better! I'll def let everyone know when/if i get my bag :smile: have a great day!!
  6. My navy GST was shipped from the warehouse after I was told there were none to be found. You should be fine :smile:
  7. You're good! Locator works great, if you got confirmation it was picked up you are all set!
  8. Yeah for sure. I got few bags that way!
  9. I have gotten a bag this way. Since u r charged, you will definitely get the bag. Congrats! Looking forward to your reveal! So curious which bag it is.
  10. I've got my last 2 chanel bags via Saks locator order. If your are charged that means u r confirmed to get the bag.
  11. Do the SA's not receive commission when placing orders through the locator system and pulling items from the warehouse?? I can't understand why this would not be an automatic option??? Baffling!!!

  12. I think that the SA placing the order splits the commission with the SA at the store that fulfills it, that's what I was told when I inquired why locators wouldn't pick up hard to find items.
  13. The SA has to get up early in the morning and check inventory and then lock you in with the locator. That is how I got my mini����. That is why you hardly see any on the floor.
  14. I have been put on locator service to find some Chanel espadrilles but have not heard anything neither have I been charged I have tried to follow it up but don't want to Harass the sa. What should I do? Xx

  15. It's been winces Thursday x