Saks locations that carry Chanel handbags?

  1. I really hope to purchase a Chanel clutch during Saks gift card event. Does anyone have a list of all Saks locations that carry Chanel. If you could also provide me with the telephone number that would be really great. Thank you.
  2. No list, but where do you live, someone may be able to tell you of a Saks near you that sells Chanel. I know my Saks in Chevy Chase, MD sells Chanel.
  3. There's TONS. I remember calling every saks in the country last summer and my list was at least 3 pages (store name and number, double spaced) long. Unfortunately I deleted that file awhile ago :sad:
  4. Thanks girls. I was hoping to purchase out of state so that maybe they would not charge me tax and I could cash in on the gift card. Looks like I may have to call every single location to ask too. I tried saks online chat and they were not very helpful at all. It would be great if this forum has a thread with all locations that carry chanel. The Balenciaga site has something similar and I find it very helpful.
  5. I know the Saks near me carries them and I have the nicest SA there you may want to try. It is in Texas, but if there is a Saks in your state, even if you order out of state, I think they will charge you sales tax. The number of mine is (210) 839-5256. Ask for Nancy Watts--she is great!
  6. The Chanel website will list Sak locations. :smile:
  7. How did u get rid of the tax if you purchase out of state?
    Can anyone tell me??

  8. How do u purchase out of state and get rid of tax?
    please tell me! That would help a lot!

    Thank you
  9. The Saks in Cincinnatti, OH has a Chanel, but it's small.
  10. You don't get charged sales tax if that store doesn't not have any locations within your state. Example: I live in Washington where there are no Saks stores so I don't get charged sales tax if I buy from them. However, if I buy from Nordstrom in California, I will still get charged sales tax since they also have Nordstrom here. That is the only benefit of living where there is no place to shop. But when you are buying Chanel...that savings is worth hundreds$$.
  11. Just ask the s/a to send the merchandise as a gift. My s/a at Saks Boca Raton does that all the time for me and there is a Saks in my state.
  12. I know the Saks in Pittsburgh does.
  13. good info here! :idea:
  14. What is the saks gift card event? tHANKS!!
  15. this is my Chanel @ Saks list:

    Beverly hills 310 275 4211
    Denver 303 393 6333
    Santa Barbara 805 884 9997
    Michigan 248 643 9000
    Phoenix 602-955-8000
    Houston Galleria 713 627 0500
    Indiana (Chanel) 317-816-0171
    Portland (Chanel)503-226-3200
    Cincinnati(CHANEL) OH 513-421-6800
    Atlanta 404-812-7350
    Miami, FL (Chanel) 305-662-8655
    Boca Raton (Chanel) 561-393-9100
    Palm Desert (Chanel)760-837-2900
    Columbus (Chanel) (614) 430-3500

    *Correct me if I am wrong, and hope it helps !!*