Saks Last Cut. when do they end?

  1. Do you you when Saks 5th last cut ends in store?

    I have some items on hold for last cut sale, and as far as I know it ends today (saturday). My bf went there to pick it up at 7pm, usually they close at 8pm. But they already closed!!! :crybaby:

    Do you think they'll let me buy it if I go there tomorrow?

    - P
  2. I think it ends tomorrow.
  3. I just heard from my SA that the sale racks will be out for another 2 weeks, so sale merchandise definitely won't be shipped out just yet. However I'm not sure if prices will change -- i.e. if "final cut" applied to the last few days (and this weekend) only and prices are due to go back up starting Monday (it will suck has is possible....has happened before....but I hope not on Monday!).
  4. according to the advertisements, the final cut only lasts from july 12 -15 =\ but not sure. sometimes they lie.
  5. quick question...
    i bought a bag less than 2 weeks ago aftr the first cut... if i bring in the receipt tomorrow will i be able to get a price adjustment for the 50% cut?
  6. I ordered something online and then it went to the final cut recently. I called customer service and they adjusted it for me. My purchase was only a couple weeks old also.