Saks/Lanvin flats

  1. So I think the Saks Friends and family event is coming up towards the end of this month and I'd love to get some Lanvin flats. Can you guys tell me which Saks you know of that carry them? I think I read before that the Bala Cynwyd store does. Any others? Also if you know of any great Saks shoe department SAs at the stores that have Lanvin please let me know. I would have to call them to order and it's always nicer to have a recommendation from someone here of who to call who is nice and helpful! ;)
  2. Saks Bala Cynwyd is the only Saks that carries Lanvin flats, but just about all of the high-end designer brands are actually excluded from the F&F promotion (I know, really sucks) -- for sure Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Manolo, Marc Jacobs, Prada, YSL, etc. are all excluded (they were last year, and my SA confirmed again for this year), so I'd guess Lanvin is probably excluded as well.
  3. Oh of course they are! :sad: What a bummer, thanks for the info foxy!
  4. aw, that stinks!