Saks Instore FirstCut Sale 5/30

  1. Just received a postcard with this Sale information... sale starts on 5/28
    30%-40% off
  2. I heard their Triple Point event starts may 30.
  3. yes--it is from may 30th-june 2nd
  4. However, the presale is going on right now. I purchased the Peggy w. bamboo accented tassels in large for $760 -
    The breakdown:
    -10% new Saks card people
    no tax because it was shipped to NJ, 10% for new Saks card members

    Hence 760! AWESOME. Run girls, run!
  5. Thanks for the info!
  6. What is their "Triple Point Event"?
  7. 3 points for every dollar when it's usually 1 to the dollar
  8. This pre-sale is awesome!! I just bought a MJ Elise (topaz) for 40% off :yahoo::yahoo:
  9. dont you need a saks card to do a presale..thats what an SA told me :sad:
  10. nope. I walked in and I was able to presale. I think it might depend on the store.
  11. Nice! Thanks for the info!
  12. I tried to presell a gucci bag using a visa at the saks in SF and was told ONLY saks CC's!!!! ahh, so I had to buy the gucci bag at retail and then she is going to adjust the price on wednesday because it was the last one in the USA and I didnt want to risk not getting
  13. that sucksssss :sad:

    i want an elise :smile:
  14. anyone know if burberry trench coats are going on sale? thanks
  15. Great deal -- which Peggy, leather, logo, straw?? Thanks!!