Saks in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh has an 40% discount!!

  1. my local Saks. which is in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh City :flowers: has an 40% discount on everything..!!:jammin:
    they had shoulder bay non quilted bag in grey.. black.. and i think a light brown one..
    they had also two bowling quitled bays in light grey and i believe it was tan or light brown
    they also had some non quilted bays with twisted handles.
    and then they had an Elvire in dark brown (moka sort of).. and some other colors i cant remember cause i wasnt nuts about the style sorry :sweatdrop:
    and also they had large paddies.. three of them.. there was this dark turq. one.. and i think a grey.. the third color i cant recall sorry!!
    they had baby paddies.. in orange.. a white cream color.. and a metalic sort of silver one.
    they had also some other paddington bags in different styles in black..
    and i recall a very large orange paddy in a style with pocket in front.
    mmm they had three paddington clutches (i recall red). and then also they had key chains (paddy style and some other).

    hope this helps anyone near my local Saks!! :love:
  2. Thanks so much Vanilla for opening up a new part of the world to us addicts! I am going to figure out a way to get a US Saks SA off her goosa and contact her counterparts in Riyadh!!! Maybe not for this batch but for future sales?
  3. ^^^ ur most welcomed sweetie!! :biggrin: yup worth the try for next sale season :flowers: i will contact them tomorrow and see if they ship internationally.. although i so doubt that :sad:
  4. hello dear all! an update.. i contacted Saks SA.. and his reply: "from what i know is we ship internationally.. but for more info better call Ms.Dania on 00966 2112111 Ext. 289"
    so he isnt exactly sure.. but one could give that a try :yes:
  5. oops i missed the city code so sorry!! 00966 1 2112111. that should be correct! :smile: