SAKS in Phoenix, AZ

  1. Girls, I stopped by my local Saks to see what Chloe's they had on sale for the 1st Cut.

    The items I saw were:

    1 Moka Tekla Shoulder Bag
    1 Chloe Logo Shoulder Bag White
    1 Chloe Logo Shoulder Bag Denim
    1 Edith Satchel (Camel?)
    1 Chloe Tracy (like a metallic pewter color) very pretty
    1 Chloe Tracy argent
    1 Chloe Tracy Black
    2 Paddington Shoppers Black w/Black Padlock
    1 Paddington (the one that hangs on your shoulder) White

    The SA said she would take off for the 2nd cut (around 25-30%) off the sale price.

    Hope this helps you guys!
  2. Hello. Did you see any Chloe Bay Totes. I am looking for the Camel color. I know Saks still has them for Regular Price - I am hoping they mark them down soon. Thanks :nuts:
  3. Is the white paddington the regular medium one?
    Do you know the price?
    THank you so much!!
  4. The bay totes were not on sale at SAKS
  5. I'm sorry but I'm not sure if it was the regular medium one and I don't remember the price....Remember this is the one that has a handle and goes over your shoulder (not a regular Paddington)....
  6. Hello, Can you see if the blanc paddington is one of these?
    I am goin to call them when they open.. thanks so much!!!
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  7. Yup the blanc look likes the one in the middle... I didn't see any cross body's and none of the regular satchels were on sale...
  8. Thank you somuch!!!