Saks in NJ/NY that sell Chanel

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  1. sooo the Saks ECG event is coming up and I think i'm going to splurge and get either a handbag or wallet but...

    do you guys know which Saks in the nj/ny area that sell chanels? the closest Saks to me is Short Hills but i'm pretty sure they don't have chanel right? and its best if i buy it in nj b/c sales tax in new york is a killer. :wtf:
  2. No Saks at the SHM does not sell Chanel because there is a Chanel store in that mall. The closest one would be NYC
  3. Either call the NYC store for EGC..or even call the PA store in Bala Cynwyd,PA.
    When orders are shipped from PA SAKS to NJ..There is no tax when its shipped.I phone order all the time......especially for EGC..too crazy to go inot stores on those days!LOL!
  4. There is no tax when shipped from NYC Saks to NJ.