Saks in Bala Cynwyd,Pa??

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  1. Can anyone tell me if this Saks carries Chanel Handbags?
  2. Yes, they do. I bought my Jumbo Grey 2.55 from them about 3 months ago.

    Ask for Erica.
  3. Yes! Their SA, Erica, is a sweetheart!
  4. Yes, definitely ask for Erica!
  5. Another thing you could do is call that Saks and ask them :yes: They have superb customer service reps who would easily be able to tell you if they sold Chanel handbags or not. :idea:
  6. Yes they do and so does Neiman Marcus in King of Prussia. FYI Neimans will transfer into their store for you from another store but Saks will not.
  7. LOL..That is my Saks.I recommend Damian there.They have Chanel and they can put it on the locator for you if its not in stock.
  8. Damien has helped a number of my friends find stuff in the past few days. It is a nice Chanel boutique there.
  9. OH.their # is 1-610-667-1550 ext 258 for handbags

  10. Yes, Damien is AWESOME and he's a member here = DJO. Shout out to Damien.:smile:
  11. Yes, I can also testify that Damian is an excellent, excellent SA!!