Saks Hidden Sale Shoe Links!!!

  1. Those Frisoni slingbacks are too cute.
  2. I want them soooooooo bad but I really cant!
    Ill think about them all day at work & ill probably give in by the end of the night. haha
  3. Thanks for posting, the Ribbon Sandals are cute!
  4. wow, I really want the first pair but they are gone.
  5. Those ribbon shoes are amazing.
  6. The Zanotti slides no longer available :crybaby:
  7. thanks for the posts
  8. Sizes 38.5 and 39.5 are left in the Bruno Fisoni. Regular price $815 now 284.95-- that is a deal!
  9. How did you find them?
  10. I'd love to know how you found them as well.
  11. ^^^yeah that.
  12. the ribbon heels are so pretty!!! but it's not available in my size. :sad:
  13. I bookmarked them. I had a bunch of bags bookmarked so I started doing it with the shoes. I just so happened to look through a couple & found that these were available. :yahoo: