Saks has EGC - Should I get it?

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  1. Just heard from this forum that Saks has a gift card promotion going on now. I was planning on getting a bag (leaning toward e/w in caviar) sometime around Jan. for my birthday. Is this the time to buy it b/c of the gift card or does Saks usually have similar or better offers after Christmas? Also, any word about another price increase on the horizon?
  2. Saks was doing a EGC gift card event about once a month . . . but, if I were you, I wouldn't be able to wait!! Go and get it now!!
  3. ^^ I totally agree. I have absolutely no patience when it comes to something I want.
  4. Get it now! Who knows when they may stop the EGC and it is a great promotion
  5. ahhhh i have such a hard time resisting a buy especially when there's a gift card incentive dangling in front of my face. heh you can always buy it now. have it gift wrapped or do it yourself and wait til january? :p
  6. !
  7. Ugh! The weather was terrible and I couldn't get there! Maybe better off, because I don't think I would have been able to resist taking it out before my birthday next month.

    Just more time to comsider whether I should get the small or medium flap instead. I also (don't know if I can say it on this forum) like the LV (epi) montaigne bag, but unless I get that in white I don't think its happening. I only need one new bag in that smaller size. I'm definitely more of a tote girl for daily use. Any advice?