Saks has a new wedge, little diiferent though

  1. For those who like the wedges, Saks just added these. They also come in white and gold. It's a slingback, with a contrast heel. What do you wedge lovers think?
  2. Here is the white
  3. What's going on with the back of the looks like there's a chunk missing?? You can see it most on the white/gold.
  4. I saw and thought it was a reflection, but maybe it is missing!
  5. OMG I thought a chunk was missing too, and i dont like that, I know architectural (sp?) heels are in but i dont like that. But if that not the case they are cute, I like black better
  6. I would rather get the O My slingbacks.
  7. I wish they would have just brought in the wedge that we love in spring colors. Nude would be TDF. Any spring color would be so much fun. I like my wedges, the peanuts.
  8. CJY I totally agree I LOVE the peanuts too. I wish they came in nude that would be perfect. I am dying to get my hands on those nude simples tho
  9. This is a pretty nude patent wedge from Saks online. There are only a couple of styles left online, but I am sure the stores will get them too.

  10. I'm not diggin those wedges. ITA about nude patent peanuts!!!!
  11. For me a sling should have a delicate bottom, not a chunky wedge.
  12. are they not making the peanut in spring colors?:shrugs:
  13. I definately agree. Nude wedges would have been awesome. I don't like these new ones...:sad:
  14. Dont like them :tdown:
  15. I dunno? The thought of that makes me insane, :hysteric: they should, they would sell. I don't know what is up with these new things???:confused1: