Saks Handbag Gift from Marc Jacobs

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  1. If you visit and select Saks BAG Checkout on the main menu you'll read about the Marc by Marc Jacobs, Special Offer.
    Purchase $350 or more (excluding shipping, taxes and gift-wrapping) of Marc by Marc Jacobs women's apparel at Saks Fifth Avenue and you'll receive this signature style washed corduroy hobo handbag as your gift from Marc.
    The Marc Jacobs handbag has a distressed leather trim, front flap pockets and snap-tab closure. Made from cotton it measures 15"W X 11"H X 5 1/2"D. Simply enter promotional code MBMBAG at checkout. This handbag gift offer is valid at through Sunday, September 30, 2007 at 11:59pm(ET) or while supplies last.

  2. COol thanks!
  3. Thanx for the post!!
  4. Do you know if this is the same one they were giving away a couple of months ago?
  5. can't find it anywhere on the site. any way you could post a direct link or something? or how to search for it? Not coming up at bag checkout.
  6. Do you have a pic?
  7. tanks for the post
  8. i saw it on chicalert on sunday, this is the bag, sorry i had trouble putting up the pic before. hope it works!

  9. No, it's different.
  10. hope this helps!

  11. I got this bag months ago when i ordered a MJ sweater, the bag is brand new with tags but looks very vintage (used), just want to give you a mind set before you get it.
  12. That's a cute bag...not bag for spending $350.
  13. Looks just like one Gap had for $25 a few months ago - cute but not worth $350!
  14. Mine looks the same way too. I really cannot decide if I like the bag or not.
  15. uhhhh, what do you mean by old looking?? I thought the bag looks pretty cool in the pic. Obviously not a fancy black bag, but for casual use (i'm thinking of pairing with a denim skirt and tshirt) what do you think?

    does it say MJ anywhere? were you dissapointed in the quality??
    I've just recently become obsessed with Marc Jacobs and thought this would be a great introduction to his bags.