Saks had the MIU MIU large bow satchel in black & brown online for 15 minutes...

  1. yesterday before they sold out. I called trying to find the smaller in brown. I can't find it anywhere. Any ideas? Do I need to call every Saks store in the US to find this bag in brown? So disappointing. This was to be my treat for getting through treatment for breast cancer--bilateral mastectomy, chemo, etc. (plus I'm turning "late 40s" on Tuesday). :upsidedown:


    Wish list:
    Prada Cervo Antik Hobo
    Miu Miu small bow satchel in brown or caramel
  2. so sorry for what you've been through but congratulations on finishing! You deserve something special.
    NM Denver has the smaller size bow in black, it's really pretty if you can't find the brown

    good luck!
  3. Thanks alisonanna, for your kind thoughts, and for the tip. :smile:
    I'll call them.