Saks Gift Cards

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  1. Can Saks gift cards be used at the LV counter in the store? thanks
  2. Do you mean the Saks Bonus gift cards? If so, yes, you can definitely use them at the LV counter. I was able to do that at Saks LV at South Coast Plaza. An SA told me that they have recently begun accepting them!!
  3. Oh wow they let you use the bous cards now! What about regular gift cards? thanks
  4. I'm not sure about the regular gift cards, but I would assume so. Perhaps someone else can pipe in with more info. It wouldn't hurt to contact Saks LV on this good question.
  5. what's the different btwn saks bonus gc and regular gc?
  6. Last Christmas I got some Saks gift cards and LV allowed me to use them. I called ahead of time to be sure.
  7. Bonus gift cards are reward cards Saks gives out the beginning of the new year to their SaksFirst customers who have accumulated enough points from prior-year purchases on their Saks store card or Saks MasterCard to earn a rewards card for Saks merchandise.

    In the past, Saks didn't allow these cards at LV counters. The only problem with Saks at this point is that there are no points given for purchases at Saks LV counters. Crazy --- but I circumvent this by using the Saks Mastercard outside of Saks to get points to purchase at Saks LV. :p