Saks gift cards haven't come yet?

  1. I ordered something on gift card day from another city, and they said they would send me a gift card, but I haven't received it yet.

    Does anyone know how these are being sent? mailed? should it have been included in the package?

  2. I spoke to my SA today to ask where they wer- he said they come from the finance department and should come soon.
  3. I live in CA, and ordered from NY. I also haven't received mine yet. I think it takes a week to process and then another week for delivery.
  4. i live in CA, ordered from FL and gift card came with package.
  5. i think it should come w/package? I ordered the black PST on EGC day, but still haven't receive it :'(
  6. Mine ALWAYS come with the package. They are usually in the envelope with the receipt.:yes:
  7. New York Saks does NOT send with bags.They send like a month later..Once they FORGOT TO..Took me 3 months before I got it..Thats why I HATE and will never shop there again..They suck there..LOL