SAKS gift card event~

  1. Neiman Marcus Gift Card Event Earn up to a $500 gift card with regular-price purchase with code NMSHOP - Click or tap to check it out!
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  1. a couple of you fellow PFers mentioned the gift card event coming up but on different dates :confused1: i don't get my postcards anymore cuz they get mailed home in NY but I'm at school in Chicago.... question is...when are the gift card events in NY and Chicago?

    And anyone knowledgeable enough to put up the spending amount to reward proportion for us?

    One last thing, any commendable SAs in either NY or Chicago (I can order by phone and the event still applies - right?)?

    Thanks a million ladies~ :smile:
  2. the event is next Thursday on the 22nd. Ask for Joeseph at Saks NY.
  3. Follow up--again! Is this the spend a little get a little promotion?? Will it be at the same time at all Saks? TIA
  4. yes, it is the spend some get some event. All Saks will have this event on the same day, even off fifth.