Saks gift card event!


Dec 14, 2006
Hi, just wanted to tell everyone that Saks is having a gift card event Thursday Jan. 11th. You get a certain amount gift card when you spend certain amounts. Spending 0-$1000 is one amount, $1000- 2000 a different amount, $3k-4k another amount, etc.... $450 is the highest card you can get. I dont know the specific amounts yet,thats why I didnt post them. This event is a nice little bonus if you were thinking about purchasing something in the near future.
If I go to the store myself I just wait until I'm done shopping and then take all of my receipts to customer service and they issue the card then. The items do not have to be on the same receipt. If you are ordering by phone, just have all the SA's give your receipts to one specific SA and then she will get you the card and mail it to you.