Saks gift card event!

  1. Oldone, congrats! I think the Nuti ostrich tote is a great bag, and you got it on sale too! :biggrin:
  2. Have you seen this bag in person?! Is it a good size? Are the coils going to get caught in my hair? :p
  3. sorry not to get back to you sooner. hope you got one if you wanted one looks like its all gone. i compared the size to the bag i'm carrying today i would say its fairly good sized. i've had larger but i've had no problem carrying everything i need in this one.
  4. ^^^ Thanks for the response! I did order the bag just so I can see it in person. Have you seen the bag in person--I'm just curious if this is a great bag or not!
  5. have not seen in person hoping it looks as great as it does in pictures or if we are lucky even better:biggrin:
  6. Just spoke with Sisley SA in Chicago store and the next Gift Card event will be on 2/16/07.
    Spend $250 get $25, etc....
  7. Do you know if this applies to the rented LV space in Saks? I may have to quench my current speedy lust if that's the case. :yes:
  8. Sorry, quick questions-if i spend 250 at Saks, do i have to use a specific type of payment like their Saks credit card? Or can I just use my regular visa/mastercard. Ive never really shopped at saks-maybe a few times when they were still open at old orchard-but thats it. Thank you!
  9. YEAHHH! That is awesome news!
    Thanks for the info.
  10. Yay.
  11. I think its good for everything at Saks. I got one when I purchased from the Dior boutique inside Saks, so I think it should work for LV. I don't think you are limited to using a Saks card.
  12. you can use any form of payments. just bring the receipts to the rep. in the center of the store to get the gift cards. if you apply for the saks card, you will get an additional 10% off of most things, except LV.
  13. Yay! Good to know, thanks for posting hk318!
  14. ooooh, do you know when this event is ending?
    i'm gonna be in NYC in March and this would come in very handy!! TIA.
  15. It's doesn't work for LV. I waited to get my speedy last yr during the event and they said it doesn't apply to rented space like LV