saks gift card event vs double points?

  1. hey all, i just bought a chanel le marais bowler at Saks when they were having double points last saturday (retailed about $2400). now i just got a card in the mail saying if you shop next thursday, you get a gift card w/ your purchase. buying this bag, i would've gotten a $300 out lol gift card (or maybe $350? my DH threw the flier!). does anyone with experience re double points know what's the better deal for me? i'm thinking of returning it and buying it again on next week. kind of obnoxious, i know...
  2. ok, now that i've read down this board (should've done that before - sorry!), i see ferociousjeanne's very helpful post. i think my better deal would be to buy the bag for the EGC event. do you all think it's shady to return and re-buy it? will they even let me do it?
  3. i do it all the time!! Most SA's understand...becuz its not like ure returning it entirely...and theyre still getting the sale...if they do have a problem just find another SA, i'm sure they'll be more than happy to get the sale.
  4. shady? if you walk in and very nicely ask to receive the EGC, i bet they honor it...let us know what happens!
  5. ok, the other thing that i think will help me is that i want to return it to get it off my Saks card (so DH doesnt see) and buy back in cash. so that's another reason for doing it. thanks!
  6. Glad you found my post helpful! I'd definitely go back and ask, I spoke to my SA and she did the same thing for me. Good luck and post some pictures for us!

  7. I'm not sure, but I thought that in order to receive an EGC, you had to use your Saks CC. It is only when you redeem it, can you use cash or any other CC to make up the difference if you go over. Can anyone help clarify that?

    I bought the Chanel winter hat on double points and I am getting the LadyBraid for the EGC. Hmm, I wonder if I should return the hat and rebuy it for the EGC and get a bigger amt. back? I don't know if I can do that b/c I purchased the hat from Damian. My Saks doesn't have a Chanel boutique.

  8. For EGC you can use any form of payment
    For double points you have to use your Saks CC but not EGC
  9. thanks ferociousjeanne!
  10. Ditto! Thanks ferociousjeanne! btw, love your avatar!