Saks Friends and Family...

  1. When they have friends and family again..can you use the discount for cartier?
  2. It's my understanding that their Freinds and Family coupon is valid this weekend, starting Friday and ending Sunday.
  3. how much is the discount and what does it apply to??
  4. How can you get a coupon?
  5. didnt Saks just have their friends and family a few weeks ago?
  6. Saks just had their F&F....Bloomies is having theirs now...

    but hey...if Saks has another event...I surely wouldn't mind. hahah
  7. how do you get the family and friends discount?

  8. No, I was all set to get my Roadster at the last F&F and it was not accepted on Cartier.
  9. That is too bad:sad: