SAKS Friends and Family?

  1. Hey everyone,

    When is the next F&F that offers 20% off. It has been a while and I've been impatiently waiting! Also, does anyone know if prada handbags are included in the discount?

  2. I think the next one is in April
  3. Does it work online ? Thanks
  4. i've been waiting also! would like to know a definitive answer - and what about for classic bags from brands that never go on sale... lol
  5. Soundjade - LV and Chanel have never been included in F&F. HTH!
  6. What about Marc Jacobs?
  7. I"m guessing cosmetics are excluded right?
  8. last F & F and I shopped at was in early May like 3, 4, 5 and cosmetics "surprisingly" were included.
  9. Thanks for the responses. Are prada handbags included? Thanks again!
  10. Prada is excluded. Every time Saks has the F&F they update the exclusion list and it gets longer each time.
  11. I agree. Once upon a time it used to include prada, gucci, jimmy choo...but not any more. Every year they add more and more exclusions.
  12. works online as well.
  13. I did get Chanel on F& was a "special" day....
  14. F&F includes cosmetics.
  15. thank you!!!