SAKS Friends and Family?

  1. Does anyone know when the next friends and family for Saks is. I think the 20% off is so much of a better deal than those gift cards. It's been a while so I'm thinking soon, right?

  2. I heard it will be in the beginning May.
  3. According to my SA, the Friends and Family event will be on May 3rd, 4th, and 5th. I wonder if Chanel handbags will be included this time....
  4. Yes, I am told that they will be. !!!! We''l have to wait and see for sure, I suppose.
  5. I sure hope so! It'll take some of the bite out of the Chanel prices increases... Now if only LV will be included. lol According to my SA, at least LV at Saks is now participating in SaksFirst points. That's a good thing.
  6. Ohh thank you everyone. I love getting the inside scoop. I am so excited. I hope chanel bags are included as well, but they have not been in the past. Chanel acessories are included though. Till May then!
  7. Ladies - does Saks do friends & family ONLY at the retail stores, or at off-5th locations, too? How does one get in on that?? :shrugs:
  8. Can someone explain to me how Friends and Family work? Do you have to get an invitation?
  9. Saks "Friends & Family" discount card invitations are usually handed out or mailed by SAs to their regular customers, but I bet you can ask an SA about this and get one. I believe the SAs are allowed to give out 6.

    The F&F discount is 20% on most merchandise except for LV (darn it!) and a few other premier designers. You can also apply the 20% discount on purchases made at for a one-time use only. Not sure about the Off 5th stores.

    My SA told me that the discount doesn't apply to premier designer handbags such as Chanel, Miu Miu, Prada, Gucci, etc., but I'm hoping that their policy on this has changed. After all, Saks changed their policy on LV getting SaksFirst points, so perhaps we'll be lucky that we can get discounts on Chanel handbags, etc.

    Michelle watches also accept this discount as well as all the designer jeans.

    Hope this helps....:yes:
  10. Do you think that we will be able to print the coupons online?
  11. no there are no coupons online for F&F

    it's physical invite cards only

  12. I know that the first round of sales usually start a week or two after friends and family. So get everything that won't be on the first round of 30% off sales.