Saks Friends and Family-Which handbags are included?

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  1. Does anyone know which handbags are included in the Saks Friends and Family sale? Are cosmetics excluded? Thanks!
  2. can i have a friends and family coupon?
  3. My SA just called and said NO designer handbags are included!!! If anyone hears differently please let us know!
  4. I just called as well, my SA thinks we may be able to buy Chloe (but not much else). I guess I will have to ask when I go in.
  5. Please let me -- I had a Chloe bag on hold for this particular sale and now my SA is saying NO.:cursing:
  6. my SA said yes to chole being included
  7. Thanks -- I'll call my SA and let her know to recheck Chloe.:yahoo:
  8. Call Donna at SAKA PA-1-610-667-1550 ext 258.
    She says CHLOE and MJ and Tods are INCLUDED in the F & F event!!!
  9. When does it start?
  10. anyone have a code? i heard Saks is really strict about having an actual invite (whereas as bloomies you can usually get a SA to hand you an invite).
  11. Thanks Jill!
    Iluvbags the sale starts tomorrow (Thursday 11/19)
    Sorry ally24k I don't, maybe someone else could provide it, my SA never asks and always tells me in advance when the sales are coming --- GREAT SA, wouldn't ya say??
  12. I meant it starts 10/19 Oooops!
  13. How do you get a friends and family code
  14. ^^ last time someone googled it for us. i just tried. no new codes yet.
  15. Does anyone know of any San Francisco SA's who might help me get the discount??? Thanks!
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