saks free shipping on anything code

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  1. code: JANFS107
    exp: don't know but I just used it today

    have fun shopping
  2. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! I just used it and saved more than I would have with the 10% off code that I couldn't get to work anyway. I got a DVF shirt I'd been coveting for some time.
  3. Isn't it with a $250 purchase?
  4. not this one...I bought a 100.00 item and it worked
  5. thanks for the code, my order comes to $100 and went through, i guess it's free with any purchase.
  6. I bought my shirt for $60 and the code worked!
  7. yes, it's on any dollar amount but it expires on monday Jan 22nd.. :crybaby:
  8. does anyone know if the 10% discount code still works? anyone remember what it was?
  9. Does anyone know if I buy a beige small quilted burberry jacket online from Saks - I can exchange it in the store for a different color?

    Just wondering if that would work?