Saks Free Ship Code

  1. any Saks free ship code...thanks! oops..sorry for the title. should have ended it with question mark!
  2. JANFS107 I just used this one and it worked.
  3. thanks!!
  4. ^^^^ Only works ONE time! I tried to make a 2nd order last night and
    it told me I already used it and could only use it once.

    So buy LOTS and LOTS on one order! :roflmfao:
  5. hi, any one knows if i can use this together with the 10% disc which i had signed up as new mailing list member?
  6. When you check out it says only ONE offer per order. :sad:
  7. I just used this code to get even more savings on a pair of shoes I had been hoping to catch on sale! Thanks!
  8. JANFS107 does not work anymore? Any free shipping? thanks!
  9. Try WANTIT for free shipping with purchase of $150 or more.
  10. thanks for the coupon!