SAKS- For those near Maryland

  1. Yes. Tell me how it goes-- and call ahead if possible (although it didn't help me)! Sadly, I tried to stop there on my way back from visiting family in Philadelphia (I live in DC) and they had the world's saddest sign on the door. "Today only we are closing at 2 pm, sorry for the inconvenience." It was literally 2:10 pm. I seriously almost started crying! I had called ahead and there was nothing on the automated message about their closing early. And had I known, I probably could have left Philly an hour earlier, but I thought I had until 5 (or whenever the normal closing time was).

    I went around to the main entrance of the building and tried to plead my case to the polite but firm security guard (probably straight from the Proving Ground, by the sound of his "Ma'am"s). No dice! I could still see a couple of SAs putting things away and all I wanted was a peek into the store-- not to buy anything, just a peek. Wasn't going to happen. He told me to "come back tomorrow" and I was like... Sir, I live almost 3 hours away!

    I was relegated to trying to jump up (I'm short) and peek through cracks in the blinds surrounding that part of the building. It was truly pathetic. :lol:

    Maybe someday!
  2. OMG I'm sorry! I hate to chuckle, but this story was kinda funny in a heart breaking way.... mainly because I relate to your pain!!

    Anyways, this morning I slept in but tomorrow I'm off work at 2 and still no classes! I'm totally free but now I definitely will call before driving out there! It's only about an hour away for me (according to Google), so hopefully it won't be a bust! I'll have to report back if I find anything. Perhaps we should call for a Maryland area tPF meeting lol. This place sounds like fun!
  3. Thanks for the info!
  4. It can be fun but it is hit or miss! They always have a good Jean selection though! Maybe we should plan a meeting to go when the store opens since that would mean at least one of us would get a good number from the lotto nd score something great! I live only about 10 min away and work on the Proving Ground so I'm up for a meeting! I can even go the day before to scope the place out to let everyone know if it is worth meeting for!
  5. Sounds like something worth planning! I bet weekdays are the best days to go too, huh? I can imagine a madhouse on Sunday and Saturday mornings when no one has anything to do except shop!
  6. When I first heard about the Saks distribution center I was so excited I live in southern VA but have family in Maryland. Last year I went to the store couple of times bought very nice evening dresses. Never interested in the shoes or bags because the resellers grab everything and I have not being fortunate to get in first. Me and my husband went there in December last year on a saturday and the store was closed. (they don't open on Saturdays anymore) just tuesday through thursday. I however met a reseller real nice guy who buys and sell to me. I will never go back there it takes me almost 3hrs to drive there with the gas price. He go there buys take pictures send it to my phone and if I like it I buy it. I have bought. Valentino, Prada, ysl, Chloe handbags from him very good prices also CL he sells them to me for 200 to 350 bucks they all new never being worn. Most of the folks who come there are resellers they buy and sell on eBay. The guy I buy from has an eBay account and he told me almost everybody who comes there either owns a store or sells on eBay.
  7. Had an experience where I got there late the guy just got through giving out numbers and literally refused to give a number I had to wait until everybody got in.
  8. It's really unfortunate that they changed the hours :/ only open from Tues- Friday now.
  9. Is this store stll open? Thanks for the help!
  10. Yep still open. But only four days a week Tuesday through friday from 10am to 3pm, you must be there by 9:30am to get a number for the draw. Good luck.
  11. Thank you as I'm planning to go tomorrow.
  12. Let me know what you find. If you need info on a reseller who buys from there let me know. I use to go there but don't anymore because I have a guy who buys from there and resell to me. He sells on eBay but I buy out of eBay.
  13. If you don't mind sharing his info, it will save me time. Thanks again!
  14. I would love his info too if you don't mind! I'm far away from all the good stores do eBay is my only option in getting a good deal ...
  15. Hello! Can I have the sellers info as well? thank you!!:graucho: