SAKS- For those near Maryland

  1. You're kidding me!!! I can't believe they do that! Those CLs sound amazing too. How sad. Thanks for reporting!
  2. Thanks for sharing! Wish I lived closer to Maryland. :smile: Sounds like you have snagged some amazing deals.
  3. thanks for sharing OP!

    i live about an hour away so might be worth the drive!

    i couldnt find anywhere...what time does the store open?

  4. It's open Tuesday - Saturday at 10AM. if you want the really good stuff, get there at 9:30 and wait in line for a number. The numbers are random so you don't have to be there first.
  5. That sounds horrible, i would be so dissapointed too! But how good of a deal would those CLs be? Would you think they also be like your previous catches like $40, or more of a real price? :smile: Did you see any other shoes? What is the pricing on the shoes like, hundreds or less than a 100? Thank you!
    I did buy a pair of CLs at Filene's basement, Mazza gallery, for $212! thought that was hard to beat! :smile:
  6. This is great! I'm live in MD too :yes: Thanks for sharing!
  7. Oh wow, you saw CLs at that Filene's basement? Congrats, that's a wonderful deal! How long ago was that? Was it relatively recent? TIA!
  8. it was recent. they still had some last time i checked, but bigger sizes, 40 i think. and it was light pink color. the ones i got were like that but very dark blue color
  9. wow, thanks. i'll have to keep an eye out for them in the future. i always forget to check the shoe dept there since it's in the back. i had no idea they got such nice shoes. they're cute, hope you love them!
  10. I love the dark blue one, they are really cute, not sure how comfortable with that huge heel , but cute. However, with the other light pink pairs, they were a bit dirtly on the pink suede part. They all had Barney's NY stickers on them, and the original price was 1190! However, something must be wrong with them not to be able to sell at Barney's, and they all seemed a bit dirtly on different parts of the shoe, more or less. (the white part of mine are a little dirtly too, but i dont mind, since i'm gonna get it exactly this way first time i wear them. But i guess they cant sell them at a nice department store like that, so Filene's Basement it is!! :smile:
  11. oh okay, that's good to know! that makes sense that they came in with the barney's stock of clothes, etc. i'm sure that dark blue looks very nice IRL. i agree with you that a little bit of dirt doesn't bother me too much either as long as its not too noticeable since that happens when you wear them anyway. i don't know if i could handle the 140 mm heel though haha, but the shoes look lovely and you got a great deal!

    i'm kicking myself a little bit for not looking at the shoe section since i did visit filene's when that barney's shipment first came in a few weeks ago. lesson learned :smile:

  12. Dont worry ! Honestly, the shoe selection was dissapointing, nothing cute, those CLs were the only nice thing they got, but no small sizes only 391/2-401/2. Also, the ones i got were prices 249.99 (and i had a coupon) and others were prices 299.99. dunno why...filene's pricing is a mystery sometimes.
  13. thanks, i'm glad to know there weren't any in my size (38). i am usually disappointed at their shoe selection, so that's why i pretty much stopped looking. i appreciate the heads up though! i am glad a tpf-er got to enjoy the deal though :smile:

    i don't understand filene's pricing at all. that's why i always look at the price of all of the barney's/designer clothes individually because some pieces are ridiculously expensive still while other pieces could be more reasonably priced.
  14. Usually the shoes are all under 100. I didn't see the price on the CL's but I would say definitely not more than 200.. the last time I was there.. they had Jimmy Choo's for $80 but the heel was too high for me!! I seriously saw like no flaw in the shoe
  15. Thank you! Will definately have to stop by next time im on a way to NY. Otherwise 1.5 hr drive time from where i live might not be worth it if some reseller snatches the shoes that i want right in front of me :smile: